About Talent Odisha

searching odisha hidden talent & help them to build their own dream , we support them in video & song recording or editing totally free and feature planning we paid for their talent & support all time

why its start

the region behind start on talentodisha.com is  this corona pandemic situation everyone sitting their home and waste their time watch movies or other online media platform like youtube,netflix,disney+ etc  not everyone want to discover their talent its doesn’t mean talent people now available in our odisha they exit but now hidden or not find good opportunity to present their talent 

         some people some their talent but  they have no good instrument like camera,lens,drone,mic, even don’t know about editing & recording  so i find a gap between creator and platform so i think why i try not i try to give those opportunity to creator totally free zero of cost and feature planning we paid price for their talent 

     we request to everyone those read this if you know those person include you if you have some talent help me to discover their talent and make them famous i really proud of my mission 1st i am    start now from kendujhar district after some achieve we cover all the district mean total odisha after going to fly high 

    but now i need your support to grow  if you give some feedback or advice how to improve our service and help me to take a next level i really thankful to you i can’t  complete this mission alone we need your support if you have some skill to help me then contact me 

about myself

hii i am kirty from harichandanpur, kendujhar ,odisha i love to help people in everyway now i am find a opportunity to help people to build their dream and make them famous and proud if i really do something for other its more valuable for me if god give me a chance or power to do something better for other then why not try 

if i failed its ok at least i do what i really want to do i want to dies with memory not dream i can’t  give up before game start when history write about me they not write that he give up before start 

    i know one thing what you doing is doesn’t matter  if someone really love you they help you to grow more they stay every situation in your life and those are your best friends or most loving person

i know what i really want to do and what’s goes to  happen if you like my mission then support me